Solutions for the urgency of the moment

We want to work with you on game-changing things, so let's meet and explore which of these, or others, fit you.

Resilient Now CITY

We're building a portfolio of public awareness and community education campaigns in multiple cities and locations, under a shared platform and core message, so you're all part of something bigger than if you were to launch your own, but where each city can project its own local flavor, people and content. Envision: Resilient Now CITY 1. Resilient Now CITY 2. Resilient Now CITY 20!

Resilient Now BRAND

As a company, you recognize the risks of post-1.5C extreme climate and need communications to move all your stakeholders toward greater adaptation and resilience. If in addition, you offer visionary adaptation solutions for cities, families and other companies, the world needs to discover and use your brands.

Oasis District

At the neighborhood level, as climate change triggers unprecedented internal and international migration, some districts have begun rising to the occasion and creating superior resilience. We're working with one in San Juan, Puerto Rico, deploying a cutting-edge solution in Santurce, where we're located. Where's yours?

Adaptation Voices

(Coming 2019) The official digital magazine of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP), co-produced by COMMON Future's Alex Díaz Eco and our Resilience Journal blog, will be the premier medium on adaptation. Work with us today on a powerful content program to boost your brand and spread resilience.

Cultural Productions

True to our Fusion form, we aim to insert cultural communications at the heart of what we do, because people respond to music, film, TV, poetry and all forms of art, as much as or more than to traditional content. We are currently producing a documentary, a docuseries and two books. What can we work on with you?