Solutions for the urgency of the moment

Adaptation communications, by its nature, is customized. But if your solution happens to fit one of the five below, part of the global communications and culture architecture we're building, that would be splendid. However you engage us, whatever we do together, let's make it game-changing. The moment requires nothing less. So let's huddle and explore what fits.

Resilient NOW City Project

We're building a portfolio of public awareness and community education campaigns in multiple cities, under a shared platform and core message, so you're all part of something bigger than if you were to launch your own, but where each can project its own local flavor, people and content. Envision: Resilient NOW Denver-Boulder. Resilient NOW London. Resilient NOW Your City!

Resilient NOW Business Project

What a brand-leadership opportunity! To be among the first global corporations to step up and mobilize the world toward a resilient future. We'll design internal communications and culture transformation to prepare employees, direct communication to vulnerable suppliers and communities, public affairs to influence policy, strategies to inspire the masses, and more.

OASIS District

The reaction by communities hit hard by extreme climate has been inspiring. They put aside differences, lift one another, and find their way to resilience and hope. We aim to amplify those stories and create contagion. In Puerto Rico, we're leading Solidarios Resilientes, an innovative Oasis approach that will produce content to spread the magic to every corner of the planet.

Adaptation VOICES

(Coming 2019) The official digital magazine of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP), co-produced by COMMON Future's Alex Díaz, will be the premier medium on adaptation. Work with us today on a powerful content program to boost your brand and spread resilience. While ASAP's work and members are based in the U.S., our reach will be...everywhere.

CULTURE 1.5 Productions

This is COMMON Future, the production house, because so many of us respond to music, film, TV, poetry, theater, dance and all forms of art content, as much as or more than to traditional content. Check out our current work here: a powerful documentary and soundtrack, and a pathbreaking book and docuseries. Next: what amazing culture-content project can we produce with YOU?