Solutions for the urgency of the moment

We deploy the communications architecture explained in About Us along two tracks.

First, original content and campaigns through our Social Innovation Lab and Culture 1.5 Productions. In the former, we launch initiatives that spawn content projects, while the latter produces film, music, art and theater content about adaptation. Both offer powerful sponsorship and brand-rep opportunities for you to build leadership.

Second, we work with you on your content and brand. That includes RELi Beyond, where we serve as your communications agency and, when needed, as your brand representative to open/develop a market. On both counts, we're always on the lookout for adaptation solutions at the leading edge. This track also includes Resilient NOW, the most ambitious and game changing adaptation-communications initiative in the world, now in beta in advance of the summer 2021 launch.

A special word on RELi Beyond. RELi is the world's new and most advanced adaptation standard, administered by the U.S. Green Building Council, and it inspires and guides our work because of its holistic approach to climate resilience. It takes you beyond the typical to: a) create resilience against every type of climate change (beyond the one or two you may be focused on today); b) prepare properties and communities for the progressively worse climate we will actually have (beyond that called by construction codes); and c) in the process build properties and communities that can thrive, not just survive (beyond better, because "better" will not suffice).

So let's get a conversation started and explore how this menu fits your needs. But however you engage us, whatever we do together, let's make it transformative, iconic, epic, historic. The moment requires nothing less.



Social Innovation Lab

We're building a portfolio of powerful initiatives, based on multi-stakeholder, solidarity-driven collaboration at the community and city level, to mainstream advanced solutions and prepare everyone for the climate we will actually have. They create opportunities for brand leadership and spawn content and campaigns to inspire an entire planet.

RELi Beyond Brands

Our first RELi Beyond market is right here in Puerto Rico, where we're HQd and where billions in recovery funds are starting to pour in. Most projects thus far lack the Beyond scope we must all aim for and therefore fall short of what's needed. So we're looking for leaders who want to step up, partake in the action with a RELi or similar approach, and change the game.

OASIS Districts

Our first Social Innovation Lab initiative, because the reaction by communities hit hard by extreme climate is always and everywhere so inspiring. People put aside differences and find their way to the hope offered only by deep resilience. We see it here in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and it inspired the first Oasis District project: Solidarios Resilientes.

Adaptation VOICES

(Coming soon.) The official digital magazine of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP), co-produced by COMMON Future's Alex Díaz, will be the premier medium on adaptation. Work with us today on a powerful content program to boost your brand and spread resilience. While ASAP's work and members are based in the U.S., our reach will be...everywhere.

CULTURE 1.5 Productions

This is COMMON Future, the production house, because so many of us respond to music, film, TV, poetry, theater, dance and all forms of art content, as much as or more than to traditional content. Check out our current work here: a powerful documentary and soundtrack, and a pathbreaking book and docuseries. Next: what amazing culture-content project can we produce with YOU?