Boosting adaptation. Culturally.

This is a huge front in the adaptation-communications architecture we're building. Actually, it's two fronts in one. First, popular culture, because so many of us respond better to music, film, TV, poetry, theater, dance and all forms of storytelling and art content, than to traditional content. It has always been the case, in fact, when it comes to triggering fast and massive social change, that scientists and policy makers present the facts, but it only becomes cultural, and reaches across the world rapidly, through art. When it comes to Next Resilience...well, let's just say adaptation art can use a big boost!

Second, business culture, because people and societies cannot be adaptive unless companies are adaptive. The good news: companies are analyzing their climate risks like never before. It's a new megatrend. There's a big but, though: they are barely scratching the surface. Forecast models do not capture climate tipping points, leaving most leadership teams blind to real and total future risks. Nor are they including all employees and stakeholders in the process, leaving vast opportunities unexplored. And they're generally missing a robust, systematic process to optimize effectiveness, speed and scale.

So here's how we propose filling those huge gaps. For art, we aim to co-produce works with you (documentary films, music, more) to inspire and transform people of every age and in every country on Earth. And for business, our founder-president Alex Díaz is authoring The Adaptive Company, the world's first comprehensive manual to guide the way and transform internal cultures.