Support independent art. Create your own.

This is a huge front in the adaptation-communications architecture we're building, because so many of us respond better to music, film, TV, poetry, theater, dance and all forms of storytelling and art content, than to traditional content. It has always been the case, in fact, when it comes to triggering fast and massive social change, that scientists and policy makers present the facts, but it only becomes cultural, and reaches across the world rapidly, through art.

So here's what we want to do with you: let's bring adaptation to art by co-producing works that inspire and transform people of every age and in every country on Earth.

1. Our content

This year and next, we're getting the ball rolling with two indie culture-content projects, drawing from the amazing creativity and talent of artists in Puerto Rico and the COMMON network around the world:

  • From 1.5 to 5 Degrees. Based on a college honors seminar taught by Alex, this project will track his 13 students as they learn about, grapple with, and build resilience for a future of escalating, always worse climate change.
    • Full feature documentary
    • Soundtrack featuring original musical poetry
    • Museum exhibit
    • Web platform
  • Cypriana. How to get people to overcome climate denial, despair and paralysis? It starts with visualization. They have to envision it and see the path to love and solidarity in the midst of chaos and disarray. Cypriana will take them there.
    • Book
    • Docuseries
    • Play
    • Web platform

2. Your content

As part of our RELi Beyond, OASIS Districts, Brand SCALE and Resilient NOW collaborations and assignments with clients, we can't wait to co-produce amazing works across all art forms to let the world know what's coming and build a climate-resilient future.

What can we create with you?