Your new wellspring of value

Do you have an adaptation team in place? Are you assessing and modeling your company's climate risks as part of a broader sustainability program, perhaps disclosing them to the market? If so and you're comfortable with the work, fantastic. You have taken the essential first step.

If you're a middle-market ESG company and do not yet have an adaptation team in place, our Consulting arm can step in and help, with the COMMON Future Corporate Climate Adaptation Model, or C-CAM, explained fully in this post and in the deck below.

Its genius is the integration of three frameworks in one:

  • TCFD to manage risks and opportunities.
  • Our very own FIVE TASKS to manage people and stakeholders.
  • Deep Adaptation, the unique 4R model to enable the execution of all TCFD and FIVE TASKS actions, and the inspiration behind our Deep Adaptability version of the model.

C-CAM includes BASTION, our solution for facilities and the built environment. If there is a nexus in the world that calls for cutting edge, beyond code, Next Wave adaptation against post 1.5C extreme climate, it is the places and facilities where people live, work and play. So we approach property owners and community leaders, engage in an adaptation conversation, and if they (you!) get it and want to adapt at that level, we match you with the right contractors, and they get to work with the needed retrofits and improvements. Our communications arm then does the showcasing to let the world know!

We rely on RELi as our guide. Yes, it's actually pronounced rely, and it's the world's new and most advanced adaptation standard for the built environment, administered by the U.S. Green Building Council. It informs and inspires our work because of its holistic approach to adaptation, a perfect complement to C-CAM:

  • Create adaptation against every type of climate change, beyond the one or two you may be focused on today.
  • Prepare you for the progressively worse climate we will actually have, beyond that called by building codes.
  • Extend beyond your physical facilities to integrate the human/social component, internal and external.


View the presentation. Meet three of our collaborative organizations

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) is the largest such trade group in the United States, with the most robust roster of service providers in the country. A fellow COMMON organization, we work hand in hand to select the firm(s) most suited for your needs.


The Deep Adaptation Forum brings a perspective to your table that is unique on the planet, a team of top-notch facilitators with a willingness to follow the climate science where others don't dare, and coach your team to do the same. A C-CAM starting point.


NOBL, also a leading COMMON member, is one of the world's most innovative and trendsetting org-culture firms, with a unique people-centered approach that is ideally suited for the climate-adaptation challenge, including a one-of-a-kind resilience module.