Deep Adaptability: new wellspring of value

Adaptability is the new agility. You became agile to keep up with and respond better to dizzying changes in technology and global markets, perhaps to lead and innovate, clearly to manage related risks, certainly to capitalize on opportunities. Today, COVID-19, climate change, and the string of ever-worse natural disasters we face pose the exact same combination of challenge and opportunity. The new skillset, agility's twin, has become adaptability, the new indispensable corporate value driver. But not just any adaptability.

Today's stand-out company is the one that embeds Deep Adaptability into...well, into just about everything, to unleash untold value...well, just about everywhere. It is the level that not only protects your brands, facilities, sales and other assets from risk and serious loss, but that yield the hope, if not the expectation, of being one of the companies, perhaps the best among your peers, that will emerge standing, if not standing tall. The one with the innovations that help others make it. Where everyone in the organization is mentally and emotionally ready, and institutionally engaged and empowered, to react with agency when disaster approaches and strikes. The one, indeed, where everyone everywhere, enterprise-wide, is climate-literate enough to see what's coming so early that your competitors will be forever clueless.

Deep Adaptability is what we deliver. The companies best suited? You, the sustainability leaders in the world's $35 trillion ESG investment portfolios. Years of trying to solve climate change have given you the staff, DNA, strategic alignment, and vision to now simply add Deep Adaptability to your toolkit and get ready for what's coming better than competitors or non-ESG companies. That's why you are our starting point, because you're ready to go and can accelerate the adaptation scale needed across the rest of society everywhere on the planet.

So make the leap to the Deep. COVID is your golden opportunity to get off to a blazing start, given the immediate urgency you face. Our offering has two parts. COVID Immediate bundles three of our communications solutions to focus on employees and other stakeholders. C-CAM builds on that foundation by adding a TCFD+ component to embed a permanent holistic approach. For further detail, see the deck below and check out Alex's Medium columns here.

View the presentation. Meet three of our collaborative organizations

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) is the largest such trade group in the United States, with the most robust roster of service providers in the country. A fellow COMMON organization, we work hand in hand to select the firm(s) most suited for your needs.


The Deep Adaptation Forum brings a perspective to your table that is unique on the planet, a team of top-notch facilitators with a willingness to follow the climate science where others don't dare, and coach your team to do the same. A C-CAM starting point.


NOBL, also a leading COMMON member, is one of the world's most innovative and trendsetting org-culture firms, with a unique people-centered approach that is ideally suited for the climate-adaptation challenge, including a one-of-a-kind resilience module.