Properties and Communities: Let's get ready!

If there is a nexus in the world that calls for cutting-edge, beyond-code Next Resilience against post 1.5C extreme climate, it is the places where people live, work and play. So we approach property owners and community leaders, engage in an adaptation conversation, and if they (you!) get it and want to adapt at that level, we match you with the contractors we collaborate with, and they get to work with the needed retrofits and improvements.

We do this on two fronts. First, we have launched RELi Beyond to enable commercial property owners and facilities managers to adapt using RELi as their guide. RELi (pronounced "rely") is the world's new and most advanced adaptation standard for the built environment, administered by the U.S. Green Building Council, and it informs and inspires our work because of its holistic approach to adaptation:

  • Create resilience against every type of climate change, beyond the one or two you may be focused on today.
  • Prepare you for the progressively worse climate we will actually have, beyond that called by building codes.
  • Extend beyond your physical facilities to integrate the human/social component, internal and external.

For residential communities and the surrounding small and midsize businesses on which they depend, we bring OASIS Districts. The name says it all: to turn a district into a resilience oasis, adopting cutting-edge practices found in the USGBC's LEED for Neighborhoods guideline with a RELi adaptation layer. This is particularly important for low-income communities, where families lack the resources to adapt and must rely on and build ties with neighbors and multiple community stakeholders.

Our first OASIS Districts are off and running in our Puerto Rico home base under the name SOLIDARIOS Resilientes (see Spanish language website).

Here are some of the collaborators we work with:

RELi Beyond

We hold an open invitation to any firm that wants to pursue beyond-code adaptation anchored on RELi. Our lead collaborator today is DLR, an integrated design firm with offices in 30 cities and more than 1,000 professionals spanning the principal disciplines and practices involved in the most advanced resilience.

SOLIDARIOS Resilientes

Our first OASIS Districts initiative in Puerto Rico includes subdivisions (urbanizaciones) where homeowners install solar using New Energy, make structural improvements with RC Group, and finance it all with Moneyhouse. DLR handles the master-plan design in low-income communities that qualify for post-María resilience funds.


Through the U.S. Caribbean Chapter, where Alex is Resilience LEEDer, we work closely with the RELi team at the D.C. HQ of the U.S. Green Building Council. The collaboration extends to the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP), the country's leading trade group and an active member of COMMON.