Pioneering a communications architecture for the Age of Adaptation

The challenge is clear: to let everyone know what's coming and guide them to the actionable resources that can help them get ready on time.

To meet it, we have chosen three pathways. The first is DirectCOMM, or communications direct to internal and strategic audiences that must join you in an adaptation initiative at the cutting edge, well before you launch a mass comm initiative: employees, suppliers, communities, investors, NGOs, government, others.

The second is BrandSCALE, or the mass comm when you're ready, both to project your adaptation thought leadership, as well as market any adaptation solution you launch for rapid scaling in any corner of the planet.

Finally, Resilient NOW, the first attempt at deep, sustained, resilience behavior change at a massive global scale. RN, coming summer 2021, will feature the latest in social-change communications being developed at the University of Florida's Center for Public Interest Communications and their M.A. in PIC program where Alex is currently a student.

For all three, we deploy the creative prowess of COMMON member agencies around the world (we call ourselves the COMMON Rebels), along with a remarkable group of internal-culture changemakers. Together, we are the first agency group on the planet to tackle this greatest of all communication challenges at scale and co-create hope for the future world we have in common.

Here are some of our collaborator agencies and a taste of the quality work we can do with you:

Sparking a movement

COMMON has long been part of the incredible creative team that turned Al Gore's leadership into a global force for climate action, including our role in the first-of-its-kind 24 Hours of Reality innovation.

Storytelling reimagined

Creativity that leaves a mark in the world. Design as a force. Stories that respond to analytics, make a connection, and inspire action. Because they're uniquely Human. See how they get it done.

They're Monks. No, really.

In a creative-production kinda way, because what they do takes you to another world. Check out what they've done to make this one better, from multiple offices that span the planet.

Be interesting. Think big.

Brandekko is all about meaning. And thoughtfulness. And deeper engagement. They bring journalism to content, and experience to design. Check out how they make brands matter.