The Human Side of Risk

Natural disasters, including COVID-19, are coming at you, at all of us, so rapidly and disruptively that the time has come to bring all your people in — internal and external stakeholders alike — so they may get ready on time and become far more engaged in your corporate adaptation efforts.

As explained in Our Thinking, we complement the work of other adaptation professionals, namely the folks working on your physical and transition risks and opportunities, by bringing in a communications and organizational-culture program designed not just for the immediate term this decade, but for the daunting climate challenge of the Next Wave. Because the smart move is to begin now, in the First Wave, so that when we enter the fateful 1.5-5C Economy later this decade, your company will be ready.

This refreshing focus on people brings five solutions to the table. You select the best fit for your company. For the COVID crisis, we have bundled the first three in an offering called COVID Immediate, designed to continue seamlessly and elevate your stakeholder management deep into the future.

  • FIVE TASKS, a one-of-a-kind, whole-of-enterprise, five-step program to activate your internal and direct stakeholders (executives, employees, vendors, suppliers, investors, more). FIVE TASKS is the result of extensive research and features a unique integration of the latest climate science (including tipping points), behavior science (to overcome biases and fears that impede action) and org culture (the systems, structures and strategies that sustain success). For more, see this column and this one by Alex, the latter including suggestions for helping your employees deal with the coronavirus.
  • BrandSCALE, for those of you with adaptation brands to market and scale, be they B2C, B2B or B2G, and be it product or reputation, sales or thought leadership campaigns, anywhere on the planet.
  • CSR Adapt, where we co-create initiatives to help vulnerable people, communities, businesses and social entrepreneurs respond and adapt to natural disasters, thereby strengthening your adaptation CSR portfolio.
  • Degrees of Content, original productions for those who respond better to film, music, theater, dance, photography, books and other creative and performing arts, than to traditional content.
  • Resilient NOW, the first campaign to achieve deep, ambitious, sustained, adaptation behavior change at a massive, popular, global scale. Coming summer 2021. Join now as a lead corporate partner.

For all five, we draw on collaborators from the incomparable talent pool and adaptation expertise of two partner organizations: the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) and the Deep Adaptation Forum. For the creative, content, full-service agency side, we call on our teammate-colleagues across the COMMON global social-enterprise network (the agencies in the group call ourselves the COMMON Rebels).

View the presentation. Meet some of our partner COMMON agencies.

Sparking a movement

COMMON has long been part of the incredible creative team that turned Al Gore's leadership into a global force for climate action, including our role in the first-of-its-kind 24 Hours of Reality innovation.

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Creatives taking climate action

The Determined is a creative studio for a resilient world, making projects look good, sound awesome, be seen and get the needed support. See their, a hub for designers and creative professionals from all industries, committed to using our creative skills for climate action.

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