Fusion Communications for the Resilience that's Next

COMMON Future is a content studio and communications strategy consultancy that digs deep for pathways that make climate adaptation irresistible and indispensable for cities that must mobilize citizens and companies that must promote life-saving brands. We cover today’s resilience and what we call Next Resilience, or the far more all-encompassing variety we'll need starting next decade when the world overshoots the 1.5ºC threshold and climate change becomes everyone's new priority #1.

We are, in fact, the only communications group focused on helping you prepare today for that future world we all have in common. We do it by combining our deep expertise and leadership in climate adaptation to define the ideal pathway, and curating from a pool of absolutely amazing COMMON agencies and pros to execute it with Fusion passion and precision.

You’re familiar with integrated communications, where an agency grabs from various disciplines and creates kickass campaigns that sell. Digital has moved the world into another dimension, Fusion Communications, where strategies don’t just integrate. They become one. They fuse:

  • Neo Journalism for corporate communications. Your storytelling...by journalists, not just copywriters, for more meaningful connections and greater sharability.
  • A campaign as social movement, where your city or brand inspires something higher, mobilizes the grassroots for something bigger (in this case resilience) and triggers far greater earned- and shared-media exposure as a result.
  • Internal transformation as communication. Adaptation requires deep change at corporations and institutions, large and small, across an entire society, including values, codes and the coaching that powers it. 
  • Culture, or the fusion of music, theater, film and art, across genres and geographies, to deliver messages...majestically, and connect...deeply.

For more on our thinking, see here.

Meet the Team

Driven by adaptation. Curated for collaboration.

COMMON enables and accelerates social enterprises and builds collective resilience three ways: a unique incubator model, a shared-value platform where members partner to launch profit-sharing initiatives, and a global collaborative network. We are in 21 countries and 27 industries. Those of us in communications and marketing call ourselves the COMMON Rebels, because we fuse higher purpose, co-creation teamwork, and unmatched capabilities, to break new ground in everything we do. COMMON Future is the Rebels member firm focused on climate adaptation. We curate teams from the Rebels to scale your Next Resilience solutions and bring hope to humanity.

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Alex Díaz Eco

COMMON Future - Founder & Lead Strategist

COMMON - Lead Insurgent


Alex is the founder of COMMON Future and a Lead Insurgent in the global COMMON network. The quintessential Fusion communicator, his is first a strategist, marshaling people insights, market trends, and data/analytics, to find just the right fit for a client. Second, a journalist, with a nose for news and research, a flair for angles and headlines, love of truth, master of the core message. Third, marketer, applying the journalist’s skill to a client’s narrative, and deploying strategies across disciplines to generate results. Fourth, a writer, the artist/creative in him, craftsman of beauty, story and inspiration.

And then, the icing: advocate, in pursuit of climate solutions since the Rio Summit of 1992. Fast forward to March 2018 and the launch of The Resilience Journal to cover Next Resilience in unique ways, soon becoming a content and publishing partner of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP), the leading resilience association in the U.S., with more than 1,200 members in 47 states, among Alex's other resilience-driven work and initiatives.

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Mark Eckhardt



To design and execute a client's content or campaign, we draw from the stellar pool of independent agencies, visionaries and creatives of COMMON Rebels, curated masterfully by fellow strategist and culture guru Mark Eckhardt.

More on the unique COMMON model and story in our blog and in this short video.

Four of the COMMON agencies we partner with are:


In his own words

Fall 2018: Alex held a COMMONar (that's what we call a webinar by COMMON, because they're so unique) to explain how COMMON Future works with COMMON and why it's THE winning combination to spread and scale climate resilience. You gotta listen to this!


COMMON Future is the Rebel you see there in Puerto Rico. The rest of us are in 21 countries.


Our office is on the beautiful campus of Sagrado Corazón University at the heart of the Santurce cultural district in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Talk about fusion! This is at once a U.S. territory immersed in all things American, yet a thoroughly Latin American society and culture, AND one of the world’s climate-change ground zeros). We collaborate with the university across four fronts:

  • Elemento 360 student-run agency, where we tap into their amazing and youthful creative energy, as well as that of the broader Santurce community of designers, musicians and artists of all kinds. Through Elemento 360, we are also able to use the university’s state-of-the-art studios at a lower cost.

  • Second Nature. An NGO member of ASAP, Second Nature is a network of more than 500 universities committed to accelerating climate action, including resilience. COMMON Future is working closely with Sagrado Corazón on the process of joining. Separately, we're moving toward the curation of marketing and journalism teams across schools to complement our work for clients.
  • Neeuko Collaborative Innovation Center, where we are part of a powerful social-innovation initiative, Nuestro Barrio, that includes making Santurce more resilient and co-hosting a resilience podcast along with Neeuko Director Javier De Jesús.
  • From 2 to 5 Degrees, an honors seminar to be delivered by Alex from January to May (second semester) and which will serve as the basis for a full-feature documentary by that name on how twentysomethings, or Generation C, envision living in the climate-challenged future they will all have in common.