For the Adaptation that's Next

COMMON Future is a climate adaptation studio that is one part consulting firm, one part communications agency group, and one part construction matchmaker and enabler. Because it takes all three to get the job done.

It also takes the specialized expertise we bring to the table, the only global group integrating tipping-point climate science with bias-driven behavior science to yield the full participation you need from all stakeholders to execute your adaptation plan.

  • As a consultancy, we bring you a COMMON Future original model and innovation to help you manage your climate risks and opportunities, in full integration with the TCFD and Deep Adaptation frameworks.
  • As an agency, we deploy the latest communications, org-culture, and pop-culture strategies to engage your people and suppliers internally, showcase your solutions to customers, and create artistic productions to get the word out in more creative ways.
  • In the construction space, we bring property owners and contractors together, along with other stakeholders, to facilitate and showcase leading-edge adaptation retrofits in existing properties and communities. 

Powering our work is our affiliation within COMMON, a leading global organization changing the world with social enterprise. We are hundreds of independent firms in more than two dozen countries, led by amazing and passionate changemakers, and we partner with each other and with like-minded stakeholders in each of our fields and locations. 



Meet the Team

Driven by adaptation

We are a collaborative, meaning we integrate in-house talent in our Puerto Rico HQ seamlessly with teammates across the global COMMON network and collaborators in various adaptation organizations. As fellow social enterprises, we are bonded by a relentless drive to bring value to the world. To you as our client, that can make all the difference, when you are served by top international talent this committed to make a difference, in our case bringing you the cutting edge of climate adaptation.



Alex Díaz

COMMON Future - Founder & Lead Strategist

COMMON - Lead Insurgent

Alex is the founder of COMMON Future and a Lead Insurgent in the global COMMON network. He is many things in one. A strategist, marshaling people insights, market trends, and data/analytics, to find just the right fit for a client. An initiative designer and matchmaker, awesome at bringing people together on a project and common cause. A journalist, with a nose for news and research, a flair for angles and headlines, love of truth, master of the core message. A marketer, applying the journalist’s skill to a client’s narrative and deploying strategies across disciplines to generate results. A writer, the artist/creative in him, craftsman of beauty, story and inspiration.

An advocate, in pursuit of climate solutions since the Rio Summit of 1992. In 2010, he turned to adaptation solutions and is pursuing the cause today in partnership with the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP), the Deep Adaptation Forum, and the U.S. Green Building Council's Resilience Center. From March 2018 to February 2019, Alex established himself as an adaptation thought leader and innovator with incisive opinions in The Resilience Journal and is doing the same today in The Adaptive Company column in Medium, the only one of its kind focused exclusively on corporate adaptation. Look for The Adaptive Company book in 2021.

See the detail in his LinkedIn Profile.

Mark Eckhardt


To curate and help assemble teams across the COMMON network and our adaptation-organization partners, plus provide the back-end infrastructure that makes it all possible, we team up with fellow strategist and culture guru Mark Eckhardt.

More on the unique COMMON model and story in our blog and in this short video, and check out our really cool Boulder HQ office in this one.



In his own words

Fall 2018: Alex held a COMMONar (that's what we call a webinar by COMMON, because they're so unique) to explain how COMMON Future works with COMMON and why it's THE winning combination to spread and scale adaptation. More in this Medium article.


COMMON Future marks the spot you see there in Puerto Rico. The rest of us are in 21 countries.


COMMON's beautiful office is in Boulder, Colorado. COMMON Future's is on the beautiful campus of Sagrado Corazón University at the heart of the Santurce cultural district in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As a team, we thrive as much on the unique culture and tradition of social change in Boulder, as on the historical uniqueness of Puerto Rico, the island being at once a U.S. territory immersed in all things American, yet a thoroughly Latin American society and culture, plus one of the world’s climate-change ground zeros following the September 20, 2017 devastation of Hurricane Maria.

At Sagrado, we're part of an exciting social-innovation initiative, Nuestro Barrio, run by the Neeuko Collaborative Innovation Center, that includes making Santurce a climate resilient Oasis District.