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The primacy of people in the absence of data

Climate events and the post-1,5°C future itself are so unpredictable and coming at us so rapidly and ferociously, that while data can help you map, it'll remain forever incapable of painting the full picture. Your people, therefore, hold the key. For your city and company to make it, they must be ready to take on whatever comes — in the absence of sufficient data, that is, an abundance of training, culture and communication to secure the most adaptive and innovative team possible.

That's where we come in. We're the first group in the world to integrate climate science and behavior science in a model that counters the human biases and organizational roadblocks that keep teams from embracing truth and take the action needed, emboldened by a real (not false) Hope Taxonomy and empowered with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure you're ready for anything and never, ever fall short. Our solutions are designed to keep you open, responsive and strong in the 1.5-to-5°C economy we will have, not the under-2°C most people cling to as the likely outcome.


Whole-of-enterprise alignment and engagement is the key. Unleash solidarity, innovation and fearlessness, with our exclusive FIVE TASKS people model.

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Discover C-CAM, the holistic way for organizations to face climate risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Three integrated platforms. One kickass path.

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The comm you know and love, applied to the world's new trendsetting challenge, with the language of behavior science and a Hope Taxonomy for today.

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Value for you. Value for all.

We see continuity-vital companies that are also sustainability & ESG leaders as accelerators of broader societal adaptation, in tight partnership with city governments. Because as we find in every natural disaster, your combined viability is vital to everyone's ability to function and adapt. That's why we're so committed to developing a new generation of adaptation leaders in both the public and private sectors.

For you in the corporate world, that means embracing the new drivers of value in a post-1.5°C economy: a) when you become one of the companies that adapts this way and prospers, while competitors procrastinate, and b) when you go beyond your own walls and join or lead the adaptation movement in your industry, community, city and world — the latter through the Paris Agreement's impassioned call for total adaptation (articles 7 & 8). Because resilience is interdependent. We sink or swim together. And if you're reading this, we're quite certain you'd rather swim. So we help you navigate this global ecosystem, as well.



America is back in the Paris Agreement. The corporate world is diving into climate risk management. A new era of climate-adaptation action has arrived. But not just any action.

Adaptation Ambition

As it becomes increasingly clear to scientists that climate change will highly likely not be solved, attention must shift immediately to the adaptation sections of the Paris Agreement, and we, for one, are looking for clients and players to join that conversation — to raise our collective voice within the annual COP process while ushering in the resilience breakthroughs that will define the future we all have in COMMON.

That is the purpose of the Adaptation Ambition global campaign, where urgent climate action is all about resilience at scale to meet the 4°C challenge. In addition to breakthrough innovation, it includes an effort to get the message out in multiple creative ways and a pathway to make resilience accessible to companies, governments, organizations and communities everywhere.

Stay tuned for the launch, and if you want to lead the space by becoming one of our sponsors, please reach out.



Thought Leadership to prepare for a 4C World

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