The world is looking for a new generation of adaptive leaders. Are you ready?

Companies that can lead their stakeholders and the world through the climate disruption already begun and known to escalate from here in unimaginable ways. To be adaptive to this, to manage whatever the climate throws at you, takes a special mindset, plus a certain organizational and facilities fortitude. Not just anyone and not just any company will make the cut. We're looking for the ones that can. The ones that want to.

To you, we offer a suite of services you won't find anywhere else on the planet, tailored for our times, for this inflection moment in history. Because as you continue slashing carbon, we're pioneering the management and communications pathways to prepare you for the climate we now know is coming inescapably.

On this front, the future cannot remain unimaginable. In fact, envisioning it is our creative starting point, to co-create hope for the post 1.5ºC world we have in common.

But we must co-create together, and do it differently. Because this is not your normal need at the normal speed. You can’t do the typical thing, or do it alone. This is by nature collaborative, requiring a specialized group with the right global capabilities and insights, the one creating new pathways for the adaptive companies of today and tomorrow.

The field is so new. Call it Adaptation Next: to be ready for whatever climate brings. To which we say: Bring it on. You can do this.



Solutions you'll find only here

Our focus is the business world, because as we see in every natural disaster, the continuity and visibility of businesses is vital to adaptation. For society and your own stakeholders to function as climate escalates, not to mention preserving your own value and viability, you MUST remain open and strong.


Discover C-CAM, the world's most complete path to manage climate risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Three integrated frameworks. One kickass Plan.

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Introducing Five Tasks, a 5-step program to scale enterprise-wide adaptation with comm and org culture and seal the success of your risk management efforts.

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Join RELi Beyond and take your facilities to another level with the USGBC's new adaptation standard for protection against the climate change that is really coming.

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The Adaptive Company

The only column on corporate climate adaptation, written by Alex Díaz. Manage fast-evolving risks. Take advantage of fast-emerging opportunities. Find it exclusively here in Medium. Alex is also writing a book by that name, to be the world's first comprehensive adaptation guide for business.