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We see continuity-vital ESG portfolio companies as accelerators of broader societal adaptation, because as we see in every natural disaster, including COVID, your viability is vital to everyone else's ability to function and adapt. That's why our people-centered solutions are designed to keep you open and strong in the 1.5-5°C economy we will actually have, not the 2°C most people cling to as the worst case.

We're the first group in the world to integrate climate science and behavior science in a model that counters the human biases and organizational roadblocks that keep teams from embracing truth and taking the action needed, emboldened by real (not false) hope and empowered with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure you're ready for anything and never, ever fall short. In a post-1.5°C economy, value happens when you become one of the few companies that adapts this way and prospers, while your competitors procrastinate and wither.

Culture & Comm

Whole-of-enterprise alignment and engagement is the key. Unleash solidarity, innovation and fearlessness, with our exclusive FIVE TASKS people model.

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Discover C-CAM, the holistic way for companies to face climate risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Three integrated platforms. One path. Real hope.

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COVID Immediate

Because the current crisis is but the start. You have mobilized rapidly. Now, use that to launch a longer-term pivot that carries you deep into the future.

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ESG portfolio company: let's get ready! Join Adaptation ESG.

We’re building a portfolio of companies to adapt better and far more deeply than others, to become the most adaptive in all the world, the prerequisite to winning the future. And we believe the best candidates are companies already leading on Environmental Social & Governance standards — because the leap from leading-edge Sustainability to Deep Adaptability is a natural one, and you are ready and positioned. The only question is: Are you in? Do you want to lead on this front, as well?

If you do, this is your movement. And your moment. You've grown concerned about where climate change is headed. Perhaps you've put together an initial adaptation team. Whether or not you believe COVID is a climate event (we do, given the evidence), the combination of your COVID and adaptation efforts means you're perfect for the next level, to become one of the brands that makes it through as global temperatures continue their relentless, now inescapable climb.

The purpose of Adaptation ESG is to persuade far more ESG portfolio companies to go from sustainability leadership to adaptability leadership, using TCFD as a starting point — the world's leading adaptation standard, supported overwhelmingly by the more than 500 investment firms that spearhead the high-performance $35 trillion ESG market — and  COMMON Future's own advanced performance tools.

In this novel movement, first of its kind in the world, we bring you creative content and events that inform, connect and facilitate your embrace of TCFD and Deep Adaptability. More in in this blog post.

We have gathered an all-star team of innovators to make this a smooth transition and help you discover the enormous benefits of decoding the future and becoming a first mover. Bring it on. You can do this.


The Adaptive Company

The only column on corporate climate adaptation, written by Alexander Díaz. Manage fast-evolving risks. Take advantage of fast-emerging opportunities. Find it exclusively here in Medium, including the connection between COVID-19 and climate change. Alex is also writing a book by that name, to be the world's first comprehensive adaptation guide for business.