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We see continuity-vital ESG portfolio companies as accelerators of broader societal adaptation, because as we see in every natural disaster, including COVID-19, your continuity and viability is vital to everyone else's ability to function and adapt. So we want to work with you, help you scale your adaptability enterprise-wide and the adaptation solutions you innovate and sell. Our solutions are designed to keep you open and strong.


Discover C-CAM, the world's most complete path to manage climate risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Three integrated frameworks. One holistic plan.

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Introducing COVID Immediate, a one-of-a-kind, enterprise-wide solution to engage and align your employees and stakeholders and navigate the Restricted Economy.

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With BASTION you fortify your facilities using the USGBC's new adaptation standard, for protection against the climate change that is really coming.

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ESG portfolio company: let's get ready! Join Adaptation ESG.

As a Sustainability leader, you've spent years and great resources excelling at Environmental Social & Governance standards, the E in large part to help solve climate change. But with the crisis having crossed the risk threshold we all worked hard to avoid — today leading straight to the COVID-19 outbreak — you've grown concerned about how other equally inevitable and increasingly worse climate impacts will hit your business and are thirsting to take more decisive action. Today, that starts with your response to the virus.

But COVID is but the start of a journey in risk and disaster management. For the long road ahead, we turn to TCFD, the world's leading adaptation standard, supported overwhelmingly by the nearly 500 investment firms that spearhead the high-performance $35 trillion ESG market. On our end, we've introduced a two-part bundle: COVID Immediate and C-CAM to deliver a holistic pathway to TCFD and make Deep Adaptability easier and faster to achieve than ever before, and there is no better time to begin than now.

Thousands of you are in ESG portfolios, but only a few dozen in TCFD. Yet, you are the world's sustainable stars! So the time has come to close that gap and co-create a new kind of Hope, by extending your leadership from Sustainability into Adaptability.

To that end, we have launched Adaptation ESG, a novel movement and first of its kind in the world, where we collaborate with investment firms and media companies to bring you creative content and events that inform, connect and facilitate your embrace of TCFD. More in the deck below and in this blog post.

We have gathered an all-star team of innovators to make this a smooth transition and help you discover the enormous benefits of decoding the future and becoming a first mover. Bring it on. You can do this.

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The Adaptive Company

The only column on corporate climate adaptation, written by Alex Díaz. Manage fast-evolving risks. Take advantage of fast-emerging opportunities. Find it exclusively here in Medium, including the connection between COVID-19 and climate change. Alex is also writing a book by that name, to be the world's first comprehensive adaptation guide for business.