The world is looking for a new generation of leaders. Are you ready?

Communities and commercial projects that lead. Adaptation brands and solutions that lead. Cultural icons and productions that show the way. This is a powerful opportunity. A moment like this has never happened, when the world and every location in it faces a crisis this universally shared and existential, with no going back to the normal we knew. Adaptation is our great new hope, but it takes leaders seizing history and stepping up.

At COMMON Future, our mission is to discover them, to discover YOU, and give you voice and platform, so the world can be inspired by and learn from your example, and the hope can spread. Everywhere. On Earth. Some of you are already active, implementing infrastructure, tech, social, built-environment, and other solutions, in cities, companies, NGOs and academia, to build a more sustainable and resilient economy and society.

We exist to help unleash the rest of you, and to showcase and accelerate all of you with a unique blend of construction, communications and culture services found only here.

But we must co-create together, and do it differently. Because this is not your normal need at the normal speed. You can’t do the typical thing, or do it alone, in your city or company. This solution is by nature collaborative, and it requires unprecedented inventiveness, combined with deep expertise in the intricacies of resilience.

Not just for today’s climate impacts, but more so for the nastier ones of the post 1.5ºC world starting next decade. Call it NEXT RESILIENCE.

The field is so new. So big. To be ready for whatever climate brings. To which we say: Bring it on. We can do this.



Solutions you'll find only here


In this space, we are matchmakers and enablers of communities and commercial projects at the leading edge of adaptation, bringing you together and raising your voice.

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Today, we aim to boost companies with holistic adaptation solutions that go beyond the typical. We're also designing the first campaign for global behavior change.

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Our production studio, because driving culture through film, TV, art, music and theater must be part of any winning approach to the spread of climate resilience.

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For deep thinking on the resilience that's NEXT

At The Resilience Journal, we go where few other news and analysis media dare, covering the post-1.5C future world we have in common. We're currently on leave, but will return soon, so feel free to browse and share our previous stories and columns.