There is unprecedented value in leading the way. Seize it.

Step up. Be among the first. This is not a time to hold back. Now that climate change is upon us and will only escalate from here, priority #1 is getting your operations and stakeholders ready, recovering when it strikes, innovating resilience solutions, and otherwise adapting to the challenging world fast emerging. Some of you are already active, implementing infrastructure, tech, social, built-environment, and other solutions, in cities, companies, NGOs and academia, to build a more sustainable and resilient economy and society.

We exist to help unleash the rest of you, and to accelerate all of you with communications, content, culture and brand-rep business development, because to adapt on time, we must spread solutions and awareness...URGENTLY.

But we must do so differently. Because this is not your normal need at the normal speed. You can’t do the typical thing, or do it alone, in your city or company. This solution is by nature collaborative, and it requires unprecedented inventiveness, combined with deep expertise in the intricacies of resilience.

Not just for today’s climate impacts, but more so for the nastier ones of the post 1.5ºC world starting next decade. Call it NEXT RESILIENCE.

The field is so new. So big. Adaptation has become, in fact, the new great hope, to be ready for whatever climate brings, in this future world we all have in common.

Solutions you'll find only here

Social Innovation Lab

It's how we create original content and campaigns, by launching pioneer initiatives with you and going viral. Our starting point: Puerto Rico, where we're HQd.

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RELi Beyond Brands

We want to represent brands that go beyond the typical, companies with holistic adaptation solutions. We offer strategy and business development to help you grow.

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Culture 1.5

COMMON Future is also a production studio, because film, art, music and theater must be part of any winning approach to the spread of climate resilience.

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For a flood-ready region

COMMON Future has joined forces with Florida-based Coastal Risk Consulting to promote flood resilience in Latin America. Alex Díaz was named to CRC's Advisory Board and will oversee market development of the leading-edge technology developed by CRC's science team, which allows any company, government and homeowner to assess risk and make a smart long-term plan at the level of individual properties.



For deep thinking on the resilience that's NEXT

At The Resilience Journal, we go where few other news and analysis media dare, covering the post-1.5C future world we have in common. We're currently on leave, but will return soon, so feel free to browse and share our previous stories and columns.