To help you fill one of the huge gaps in climate change

Now that we can’t prevent it, priority #1 is to prepare for it, recover when it strikes, and otherwise adapt to the challenging world it is fast creating. There are vibrant teams implementing infrastructure, tech, social and building solutions.

Our team exists to accelerate all of the above with communications and content, because to adapt on time, we must spread public awareness and solutions...URGENTLY.

That’s why these must be different communication solutions. Call it FUSION COMMUNICATIONS, because this is not your normal need at the normal speed. You can’t do the typical thing, or do it alone, in your city or company. This solution is by nature collaborative, and it requires unprecedented inventiveness, combined with deep expertise in the intricacies of resilience.

Not just for today’s climate impacts, but more so for the nastier ones of the post 1.5ºC world starting next decade. Call it NEXT RESILIENCE.

The field is so new. So big. Adaptation has become, in fact, the new great hope, to be ready for whatever climate brings, in this future world we all have in common. Communications is the only way to spread that hope...FAST.


Solutions you'll find only here

Resilient Now

We're building a portfolio of campaigns by cities and corporate brands that aim to be the resilience stars of this challenging future we have in common.

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Adaptation Voices

By ASAP. Positioned to become the premier digital magazine in the adaptation space. Work with us to produce an annual calendar of market leading brand content.

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Film Music Art Theatre

COMMON Future is also a production studio, because cultural communications must be part of any winning approach to the spread of climate resilience.

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Convocatoria de Poesía

Nuestra primera producción fílmica será un documen-tal histórico, acompañado por un "soundtrack" de 10 piezas, que en vez de canciones tradicionales, serán poesías sobre el tema de adaptación climática, cada uno con un arreglo musical único. Si eres poeta y quieres participar, te invitamos a someter tu pieza original. Más información en este link.

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For deep thinking on the resilience that's NEXT

At The Resilience Journal, we go where few other news and analysis media dare, with exclusive originals each month on the post-1.5C future world we have in common. Subscribe and don't miss a thing.